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New way of planning a travel: Trip

A brand new social network for any type of glob-trotters is the newest Trip Colony, founded by an Italian engineer with the purpose of making the distance shorter and the communication between travelers among the world faster than ever.

Skipping a long and sometimes unfruitful search for the place you like, through this new network, you directly ask people suggestions about the place you would love to see: cool restaurant, breath taking landascape, discoteques, amazing trails among tropical forests and so on.

Check Trip Colony, it will become the most useful tool for planning your next journey.


Books for China fans

Today I’m going to suggest you the huge Chinese collection of Libri dall’Asia, the bookstore located in Parma, Italy, that sells also online and abroad.
Whether you are a student Chinese language and culture, or wheter you are a teacher, you will find in the catalogue valuable titles concerning many aspects of life in China.
Most of them are in European languages, but also Chinese editions are purchasable.
So click here, enter the catalogue, digit “Chinese” and then an incredible numbers of titles will show up:
art, literature, politics, philosophy and religion, history and society, linguistics and so on. You can even find rare dictionaries.

Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, Good luck!

For collectors only, worth your clicks: magic books!

Take a look at it: an odd, but interesting bookstore in New York City gathering old editions.
The Conjuring Arts Research Center

2011 Biennale, practical info

This year Biennale host 83 foreign artists from all over the world, 89 italian artists set between Arsenale and Giardini and 37 events will be organized in the city of Venice.
The main reference website is this.
Tickets information are available here, they shift from €70 (permanent pass) to €8 for children.

For further information:

Tel. +39 041 5218 828 (Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. / Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
Fax +39 041 5218 732

2011 Venice Biennale inauguration

Today at TESE DI SAN CRISTOFORO, Venice, Italy, it will start the young artists’ exhibition.

To reach the place get on the waterbuses (number 41 is the cheaper and the fastest to reach Arsenale, then numbers 3 and 1 are slower waterbuses and the tickets cost more) leaving from Railway Station Santa Lucia and get off at ARSENALE.
For further information check below:

Moving in Venice

Venice City Map

Korean pop culture’s top blog

KoreanIndo is one of the top blog created through wordpress, the company which allows you to create your own web page on internet.

KoreanIndo is a world of events about Korean music, entertainment, movies and so on and it actually rocks because it has a bunch of followers. The thing about this website is that it is made by Indonesian fans of Korean stars.

For my friends from Korea or just people interested in it, take a look at it.

Rare books for people fond of Japan

Libri dall’Asia is the library anyone interested in Asia, should know.
Today I’m going to talk only about the Japanese collection of Mario Rossello.
If you like Japanese culture you can look up to a huge amount of books, written in in European languages or Japanese also, concerning many aspects of Japanese life by clicking here : art, theatre, philosophy and religion, history and society, linguistics and so on. You can even find rare dictionaries.

The titles you will find there are usually limited edition and out of print books, but still unique pieces.