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Portraits of the promising Hyejee Jeong

Hyejee Jeong is a young promising student of painting at the Milan’s Brera Academy of Arts.
She arrived with flying marks from Seul in 2009, and begun to study her favourite subject, most of all she prefers portraits. She says:
“I love painting a portrait of someone. I think art was made for people, that’s why my paintings portray real people”.
Even though she is very young, her opinion about visual arts is very sharp and what her task should be:
“Art must be joyful. When I work on a canvas, my final goal is to give joy to my art lovers who are looking at my work”. Art and philosophy are close to each other, when she explains to me the process through which she created one of her latest portraits.
Hyejee is still searching for a style and a techinque that fit her creativity and personality well, but it takes time because as it is a inevitable evolution of an artist; she describes gaining experience how she is seeking new techniques in order to develpo her artist identity:
“I want to learn as many as techinques I can, because I don’t feel I belong to one special style yet; I am not mature enough as an artist. I need time to better understand myself”.
For an artist is crucial to find his own style, because it is like a finger print: something unique through which you can be recognized. It is true.
In order to do that, at Brera, she is experiencing several types of paintings: oil, acrilic, crayon, charcoal and aquarelle, and she truly believes that she will find the best way to express her art and feelings, maybe even throught the world of design.
“I feel like I can express my creativity in Italy much better than I was in Korea. Here I feel freer to listen to my inner self”.
Come what may, Hyejee Jeong is a young promising artist, who is searching for her ownself without doubt we will hear of her achievements in the near future.