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Rare books of explorers in Asia at Indosiam

Few days ago I literally bumped into this great book store, Indosiam. The owner, Mr Azémar, will be glad to guide you through his unique collection of rare books and prints on Asian countries and former French colonies. 

He has started ten years ago and he still has the only book shop of this type in the busy Hong Kong. If you like travel and exploration, history, geography, ethonology, art, and archeology, this amazing place is worth your time. The shop is at 89 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong.


Flying circus arrived in Sheung Wan? No, just construction workers on duty.

Today I passed near a construction site. The workers were dismantling the scaffold around the building. Notice that the caffold is made of bamboo’s sticks tied together with a plastic wire.

Click here to watch the video.

A glimpse of the amazing thin and high skyscrapers

Hong Kong has been the core of finance and business in Asia for decades. The city is the link through which Western countries, South East and Far East Asia have passed by for commerce.

There isn’t much space left and the crowded downtown has started building towards the sky to manage the overpopulation. Here you will see high condos for families and the Zhongcai Centre – 中財中心, for office.

Below you can enjoy and being amazed by the view of these thin and narrow buildings.

Nasty but tasty: edible pads

This morning one of my co-workers showed up in the office and handed to us these pads. We just did not get her humor, but she told us that they were marshmallows!

Incredible product.

Books of Osho in traditional characters

In a small book store in Central, with my great surprise I discovered many books of Osho, Ào xiū 奧修, published in traditional characters.

It’s funny how the publications of this guru are still rare and incomplete in Europe, while in Hong Kong you can find many.




Hong Kong’s dark alleys

A glimpse of dark alleys: pictures taken near my house.

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True Story

Last night I had a sip of this Hong Konghese liquor… watch the picture carefully. It tasted good actually. Although I am not picky at all, I prefer this drink to the stinky tofu 臭豆腐, which I haven’t had yet the guts to try.
In my next reports, I promise, I will try stinky tofu… one day.