Ancient books, manuscripts, and art from the Far East and South East Asia

My collection of rare books

Classical Japanese embraces the whole written styles of Japanese before the reforms of the language enacted from 1867. In fact, at the turn of the 19th Century, a body of laws made in order to ameliorate and broaden the ease of communication and education among the population of the country, brought several regional dialects and written styles to conjugate into one standard language, called hyojungo 標準語, the Modern Japanese.

Below you can see the list of my collection and read a brief review of each piece:

Anthology of norms and sentence of Kong Kwok

Bunraku Manuscript

Mei hitsu jiten 名筆辞典 hand-drawn characters dictionary

if you want to start your own collection and you cannot leave your country, these shops are a good start:

Lella & Gianni Morra

Libri dall’Asia

Mare Magnum

Indosiam Rare Books


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