Ancient books, manuscripts, and art from the Far East and South East Asia


Books from Asia: a landmark shop for collectors and globetrotters

In the beautiful city of Parma, Italy, there is an amazing source for travelers and scholars: Libri dall’Asia – Books from Asia, a unique bookstore full of thousands of rare titles about every country of this wonderful area named Asia, that attracts thousands of clients from all over the world.

The owner, Mr. Mario, is a traveler and all over his life, has been in many countries driven by his passion for collecting travel diaries and rare edition forgotten in some dusty library.
If you have the chance to visit Parma, in downtown near the spectacular Teatro Regio, in via Nazario Sauro 21, there you will find this precious shop for travel addicts. The amazing collection of Mario counts over 6000 volumes related to arts, religion, novels, history and many other topics.
Most of the editions are in European languages, however you will find also some titles in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu and other languages.

Experience a visit in this hidden bookstore that will make you dream of places thousands miles away!

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BALTOM chocolates, made in Italy lands to Asia

It is official: the luxury chocolate brand, BALTOM, is in Asia. This finest product of Italy is a new entry on the market, but just a month after the end of the exclusive Milan’ Salon du Chocolat fair, is already present in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. The motto of the company is Baltom always wonder: it is a promise, a vow to the clients to create great expectations within the collection of the 8 flavors available.

I am an enthusiastic consumer of chocolate and before leaving Italy, I gave myself a full set of Baltom. The promise is maintained: multi-sensorial experience and tradition. Starting from the modern packaging textures with a groovy touch and wonderful search for colors, you immediately get the identity and the quality of the brand: is a heavy chunk of chocolate. These details entice the customer to unfold the chocolate plate with care: the bar, in opposition to the package, has no texture: it looks actually a smooth ingot of gold itself! I find this care for the details proper of a gourmet consumers.

It is encouraging to see this product approaching Asian market: chocolate is an important matter also here: Hong Kong is the right city to bring this hand made chocolate, if it works there, it will work in the main cities of Asia. This umber bar from Italy is a perfect pairing for rum and whisky and  Japan, Taiwan and Thailand are all players and producers of these products for good.

The quality of life standard is quickly increasing in South East Asia, with ten countries hitting almost 600 million citizens, and I believe that the population here is ready and eager to try new food products from Europe. In addition, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand are also great producers of coffee and so far they are also great consumers of chocolate.

It is the right time for Baltom to amaze customers and swim comfortably in a large pool where to grow in the upcoming months.

In conclusion, you can buy your chocolate by clicking here, and I wish all the best for this new comer from Italy in the great Asia!

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Rare books of explorers in Asia at Indosiam

Few days ago I literally bumped into this great book store, Indosiam. The owner, Mr Azémar, will be glad to guide you through his unique collection of rare books and prints on Asian countries and former French colonies. 

He has started ten years ago and he still has the only book shop of this type in the busy Hong Kong. If you like travel and exploration, history, geography, ethonology, art, and archeology, this amazing place is worth your time. The shop is at 89 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Portraits of the promising Hyejee Jeong

Hyejee Jeong is a young promising student of painting at the Milan’s Brera Academy of Arts.
She arrived with flying marks from Seul in 2009, and begun to study her favourite subject, most of all she prefers portraits. She says:
“I love painting a portrait of someone. I think art was made for people, that’s why my paintings portray real people”.
Even though she is very young, her opinion about visual arts is very sharp and what her task should be:
“Art must be joyful. When I work on a canvas, my final goal is to give joy to my art lovers who are looking at my work”. Art and philosophy are close to each other, when she explains to me the process through which she created one of her latest portraits.
Hyejee is still searching for a style and a techinque that fit her creativity and personality well, but it takes time because as it is a inevitable evolution of an artist; she describes gaining experience how she is seeking new techniques in order to develpo her artist identity:
“I want to learn as many as techinques I can, because I don’t feel I belong to one special style yet; I am not mature enough as an artist. I need time to better understand myself”.
For an artist is crucial to find his own style, because it is like a finger print: something unique through which you can be recognized. It is true.
In order to do that, at Brera, she is experiencing several types of paintings: oil, acrilic, crayon, charcoal and aquarelle, and she truly believes that she will find the best way to express her art and feelings, maybe even throught the world of design.
“I feel like I can express my creativity in Italy much better than I was in Korea. Here I feel freer to listen to my inner self”.
Come what may, Hyejee Jeong is a young promising artist, who is searching for her ownself without doubt we will hear of her achievements in the near future.

New way of planning a travel: Trip

A brand new social network for any type of glob-trotters is the newest Trip Colony, founded by an Italian engineer with the purpose of making the distance shorter and the communication between travelers among the world faster than ever.

Skipping a long and sometimes unfruitful search for the place you like, through this new network, you directly ask people suggestions about the place you would love to see: cool restaurant, breath taking landascape, discoteques, amazing trails among tropical forests and so on.

Check Trip Colony, it will become the most useful tool for planning your next journey.

2011 Venice Biennale inauguration

Today at TESE DI SAN CRISTOFORO, Venice, Italy, it will start the young artists’ exhibition.

To reach the place get on the waterbuses (number 41 is the cheaper and the fastest to reach Arsenale, then numbers 3 and 1 are slower waterbuses and the tickets cost more) leaving from Railway Station Santa Lucia and get off at ARSENALE.
For further information check below:

Moving in Venice

Venice City Map

Korean pop culture’s top blog

KoreanIndo is one of the top blog created through wordpress, the company which allows you to create your own web page on internet.

KoreanIndo is a world of events about Korean music, entertainment, movies and so on and it actually rocks because it has a bunch of followers. The thing about this website is that it is made by Indonesian fans of Korean stars.

For my friends from Korea or just people interested in it, take a look at it.