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Beijing’s 798 Art District: a landmark

As a student of Japanese, I have always looked at China as a big giant mostly related to the economy than art, but recently I had the opportunity to hear about Chinese new art streams from friends I met while I was at the university, who have studied Chinese for as long as I’ve done with Japanese.

798 Art District is a block of Beijing renewed to let artists to develop and express their artistic feeling away from the pressure of the government. The quartier is not new, but Westernes heard about it only due to the fact that China has opened the borders.

A dear friend of mine, from Beijing, told me that nowaday this district has lost a bit of the charm it had 30 years ago, but it is still a landmark for new art movements growing among young people.

More is to come with a proper article written by a friend, but at the moment you can check this link below.
798 Art District