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Travel to Lampang, in the North of Thailand

Today I host an article of the friend Aommy that will share some info and details about Lampang, a small nice city in the North of Thailand

Hello Spring!!! 🌞
Where should we go? This is a basic questions from everyone. I know.
Do you know Thailand? Have you ever been to Lampang? Where is Lampang? 😕
I think this spring I would like to share my experience from Lampang to you.
First of all, I want to tell you why I choose to start my journey at Lampang this Spring.
Lampang is the province in the north of Thailand which is full of the trees, national park, hot spring, old temples and ceramics’ house and when I knew that all of this and it has so many places interested so, I want to pack my backpack and go!
How to go there?
– 1st by Airplane, have only 2 airlines: Nok Air and Bangkok Airways
– 2nd by coach bus: I would like to suggest you for 2 companies 1. Sombat Tour 2. Nakhonchai Air, they have first class seat and nice service, it is very convenience to travel.
– 3rd by car just drive from Bangkok to the North (about 8 to 10 hrs)
– 4th by train: I would like to recommend you to book early because the first class is fully book very quick.

I have booked the room via a booking website and have selected the hotel close to downtown because it is convenient for me to travel around the city.
The hotel that I booked is not far from Rachadapisek Bridge so, you can walk and see the houses and many local shops around. If you travel on Saturday or Sunday at night don’t forget to go to the Kad Kong Ta market: it is near the Rachadapisek Bridge, you will see many local stuffs and paraphernalia for collectors, you can try local food typical from this city and you will take some beautiful pictures of the river also.
I have checked the places to visit: for sure there are Temples! So I went to Wat Phratatlampangluang, that was built in Chiangsen Era about 800 years ago, the architecture of this temple is Lannan style including the Buddha and the wall paintings which are well preserved and beautiful.
If you like to visit the city and don’t want to walk or take the local bus, I have good choice for you, because Lampang have 2 symbols: Chicken and… magnificent Horse cart! So the horse carts can take you to travel around the city. Try to negotiate with the driver before take a seat.
Foods and Market:
Wowwww…In front of my hotel next to the river in the morning you will see the local market sell the local stuff such as vegetables, fruites and ready to eat but the price is little and people are so friendly that with only 100 baht (2,5 Euro) you will get a lot of food. I like Sai-oua, the northern style sausage and I just want to recommend you to try. So good trust me😄

The other place that I wanted to recommend is Indra Ceramic Factory. This old factory produce everything from mugs to vases, from rice bowls to sake cups. The company has bee in business for 80 years and they have a small lab where they are happy to teach you how to make the bowl and give you the good information of ceramic. I have tried to paint on dish …ahaha it doesn’t look good but I loved it😊 If you would like to paint they can recommend you how to do and they have service to delivery to your place wherever you live.
I wish Lampang will be the good place for you to pin on the map and don’t miss all the places that I have recommended to you.
Bye Bye
Sawaddee Ka! สวัสดีคะ

Article by S. Aommy S. – April 23, 2017

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A soiree with CIAC, melting together Korea and Italy

Yesterday there has been the first event of 2011 promoted to develop the cultural exhcange between Korea and Italy.
The soiree, greatly organized by Michella Kim, founder of the CIAC (acronym for Corea-Italia Associazione, Arte e Cultura; in English Korea-Italy Association, Art and Culture), was set in one of the coolest location Milan nowaday can offer: at Combines XL, an art and design space in via Montevideo 9, Milan.
Korean guests who have worked in Italy for years were introduced to us at the very beginning of the party.
Visual artists, such as Sung Heun Kim, T-Yong Kim, fashion designers as Ho Bin Wang, Kiho Kim and his Japanese wife Momoko Hashigami, and the architect Hyun Seok Kim could teach us something about their beautiful country and their precious experience of life in Italy and Europe as well.
Furthermore, the party was enriched by an elegant buffet prepared by the chef, Kyu Joon Kim, who greatly managed to give us a taste of Korea trough several appetizers, and the staff was entirely composed by Korean students of art.

The happening was a precious opportunity to know better about the sophisticated culture and art of Korea.