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MAME Milano, decorations lab

Finally I had the chance to find MAME Milano,  a tiny, cozy shop, where big projects come to life. A place for orientalist collectors, where architects and designers can practice with workshops and find inspiration. The owner, L. C. just opened few weeks ago and together with her partner, through a solid experience in decoration of ambience,  can manage to decorate your house, restaurant, office and other ambience.

In MAME you can also find inspiration for your own projects: there is a display of many hand crafted furniture and arwork collections with a peculiar style from Asia. MAME is a hub where every arts’ seeker will feed its passion.
You can find accesories and rare pieces from China, statues and ceramics from Thailand and paintings from Japan as well.

Check the gallery below:

MAME is in downtown Milan, Italy, in Via Pier Capponi 4 very near subway station Wagner of the red line.

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Books from Asia: a landmark shop for collectors and globetrotters

In the beautiful city of Parma, Italy, there is an amazing source for travelers and scholars: Libri dall’Asia – Books from Asia, a unique bookstore full of thousands of rare titles about every country of this wonderful area named Asia, that attracts thousands of clients from all over the world.

The owner, Mr. Mario, is a traveler and all over his life, has been in many countries driven by his passion for collecting travel diaries and rare edition forgotten in some dusty library.
If you have the chance to visit Parma, in downtown near the spectacular Teatro Regio, in via Nazario Sauro 21, there you will find this precious shop for travel addicts. The amazing collection of Mario counts over 6000 volumes related to arts, religion, novels, history and many other topics.
Most of the editions are in European languages, however you will find also some titles in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu and other languages.

Experience a visit in this hidden bookstore that will make you dream of places thousands miles away!

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Books from Asia, baedekers of explorers

Few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a peculiar library, which I like very much, located in the centre of the beautiful city of Parma, Italy.
This book shop, founded by Mario Rossello, presents a huge anthology, written in Western languages, of journals, baedekers, and manuals of explorers and travellers in Asian countries. His shop is internationally reknown and to keep the standard high, Mr. Rossello travels in Asia and searches and selects carefully rare books of this genre every year.
His library counts many books about Tibet, China and India, but also there are important works about Japan and other Asian Pacific countries.
Most of these books are out of print and the majority of his collection is antique.
If you like old books and love Asia, his library is right the place you are looking for.

Libri dall’Asia, Studio bibliografico di Mario Rossello – Via Nazario Sauro 21 – 43100 Parma Italy