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MAME Milano, decorations lab

Finally I had the chance to find MAME Milano,  a tiny, cozy shop, where big projects come to life. A place for orientalist collectors, where architects and designers can practice with workshops and find inspiration. The owner, L. C. just opened few weeks ago and together with her partner, through a solid experience in decoration of ambience,  can manage to decorate your house, restaurant, office and other ambience.

In MAME you can also find inspiration for your own projects: there is a display of many hand crafted furniture and arwork collections with a peculiar style from Asia. MAME is a hub where every arts’ seeker will feed its passion.
You can find accesories and rare pieces from China, statues and ceramics from Thailand and paintings from Japan as well.

Check the gallery below:

MAME is in downtown Milan, Italy, in Via Pier Capponi 4 very near subway station Wagner of the red line.

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Books for China fans

Today I’m going to suggest you the huge Chinese collection of Libri dall’Asia, the bookstore located in Parma, Italy, that sells also online and abroad.
Whether you are a student Chinese language and culture, or wheter you are a teacher, you will find in the catalogue valuable titles concerning many aspects of life in China.
Most of them are in European languages, but also Chinese editions are purchasable.
So click here, enter the catalogue, digit “Chinese” and then an incredible numbers of titles will show up:
art, literature, politics, philosophy and religion, history and society, linguistics and so on. You can even find rare dictionaries.

Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, Good luck!

Anthology of norms and sentence of Kong Kwok

This book, entitled Bunsho kihan hyorin 文章規範評林 (Anthology of Norms and Sentence), is the first of a collection of six. The work regroups the main sentences of a famous Han scholar called Kong Kwok (孔安国). I found this anthology in Osaka as well in 2007. It is interesting to notice that the book is dated back to 1860, but the wood printing plate was probably made around 1600.

During Edo era (1604-1687) and Meiji era (1868-1912), among publishers was very common to search and buy old printing plates and through them to reprint as new editions, stories, essays and documents forgotten or lost, in order to save money.