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Polly Ceramics, premium ceramics made in Italy with Asian influence

Few weeks ago I happen to visit a little shop in Milan, Italy specialized in Asian furnitures, tableware and decoration: MAME Milano.

There is a wonderful collection, but a couple of vases attracted then my attention: some of them looks like made in a style that recalls Japanese taste for vases, but indeed I found they are made in Italy! The author or, better, the ceramic master is Polly Ceramics.

However, I have had the chance to call and meet her the week after my visit to MAME. She gave me a wider view on her art projects and inspiration that nowadays comes from a globalized world, but with a particular attention to the process and sustainable business. By travelling and collecting small amount of clay and material in Italy, for example near rivers and caves, Polly is keen in portraying nature in a variety of shapes, her style is organic but always with attention to the perfect harmony of lines. Her glazes are patiently developed and chosen to get special textures and effects.

That day, during a brief interview, I see her love an passion for creating unique pieces only addressed to real art collectors, not for the mass market for sure. I hope she will make her business grown for good, since I see the link between a globalized culture and love towards art in every shape. A vase, a jar and rice bowl or any ornamental shapes created by Polly Ceramics have a magical specific weight and texture; by touching them you will be given a sensorial experience that will bring your memories up to the surface of our consciousness.

However, take some time to pass by the wonderful Milan and visit MAME in via Pier Capponi 4, 20145 and see the beautiful collection of the shop, very unique in the business city of Italy.

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Books for China fans

Today I’m going to suggest you the huge Chinese collection of Libri dall’Asia, the bookstore located in Parma, Italy, that sells also online and abroad.
Whether you are a student Chinese language and culture, or wheter you are a teacher, you will find in the catalogue valuable titles concerning many aspects of life in China.
Most of them are in European languages, but also Chinese editions are purchasable.
So click here, enter the catalogue, digit “Chinese” and then an incredible numbers of titles will show up:
art, literature, politics, philosophy and religion, history and society, linguistics and so on. You can even find rare dictionaries.

Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, Good luck!