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A soiree with CIAC, melting together Korea and Italy

Yesterday there has been the first event of 2011 promoted to develop the cultural exhcange between Korea and Italy.
The soiree, greatly organized by Michella Kim, founder of the CIAC (acronym for Corea-Italia Associazione, Arte e Cultura; in English Korea-Italy Association, Art and Culture), was set in one of the coolest location Milan nowaday can offer: at Combines XL, an art and design space in via Montevideo 9, Milan.
Korean guests who have worked in Italy for years were introduced to us at the very beginning of the party.
Visual artists, such as Sung Heun Kim, T-Yong Kim, fashion designers as Ho Bin Wang, Kiho Kim and his Japanese wife Momoko Hashigami, and the architect Hyun Seok Kim could teach us something about their beautiful country and their precious experience of life in Italy and Europe as well.
Furthermore, the party was enriched by an elegant buffet prepared by the chef, Kyu Joon Kim, who greatly managed to give us a taste of Korea trough several appetizers, and the staff was entirely composed by Korean students of art.

The happening was a precious opportunity to know better about the sophisticated culture and art of Korea.