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BALTOM chocolates, made in Italy lands to Asia

It is official: the luxury chocolate brand, BALTOM, is in Asia. This finest product of Italy is a new entry on the market, but just a month after the end of the exclusive Milan’ Salon du Chocolat fair, is already present in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. The motto of the company is Baltom always wonder: it is a promise, a vow to the clients to create great expectations within the collection of the 8 flavors available.

I am an enthusiastic consumer of chocolate and before leaving Italy, I gave myself a full set of Baltom. The promise is maintained: multi-sensorial experience and tradition. Starting from the modern packaging textures with a groovy touch and wonderful search for colors, you immediately get the identity and the quality of the brand: is a heavy chunk of chocolate. These details entice the customer to unfold the chocolate plate with care: the bar, in opposition to the package, has no texture: it looks actually a smooth ingot of gold itself! I find this care for the details proper of a gourmet consumers.

It is encouraging to see this product approaching Asian market: chocolate is an important matter also here: Hong Kong is the right city to bring this hand made chocolate, if it works there, it will work in the main cities of Asia. This umber bar from Italy is a perfect pairing for rum and whisky and  Japan, Taiwan and Thailand are all players and producers of these products for good.

The quality of life standard is quickly increasing in South East Asia, with ten countries hitting almost 600 million citizens, and I believe that the population here is ready and eager to try new food products from Europe. In addition, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand are also great producers of coffee and so far they are also great consumers of chocolate.

It is the right time for Baltom to amaze customers and swim comfortably in a large pool where to grow in the upcoming months.

In conclusion, you can buy your chocolate by clicking here, and I wish all the best for this new comer from Italy in the great Asia!

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Some pics of Lamma 南丫島

After the one day trip, some pictures of the beautiful Island of Lamma and its treasures.
Today there was also the festival of the Goddess 天 Ti (in Cantonese), and was celebrated with an opera of the traditional Chinese theatre (see the picture).
Notice I’ve been in a organic tea house, no camera allowed, but at least the owner let men take a pic of his smart fridge-bookshelf.

Also bumped into old people playing Mahjong, very interesting game.

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香港から… From Hong Kong!!!

Just arrived in Hong Kong. This city is amazing: British and Cantonese cultures are still strong, but after 15 years of influence from mainland China, citizens notice big changes.
I need to walk around the city and upload some pictures for you guys.

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