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Sichun Kim 시천 김, a tough sculptor looking for challenging materials

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Sichun Kim was born the 10th of November 1980 in Seul, Korea. He has started sculpting at the University of Arts of Kookmin, near Seul in 1999. The passion for figurative arts has sprung since he was in highschool: “I used to drawing in highschool, but as soon as I started my university course, I realized that, rather than drawings on a flat paper, I would love to create something from an unshaped mass of material”.

The majority of his artworks are made from clay, copper, steel, but also plastic and resin. He likes to melt different materials together in order to give shape to his creativity. One of his favourite works was the one he made for the thesis of undergraduate. It is called “Lost Violin” (2007) and it represents himself, playing a violin, an instrument he would have loved to learn since he was a child. This sculpture is a realistic and basic image of a man playing, but the composition itself is a complex creation of a number of different materials: the body is cast in steel, the head and the hands are of plastic and the violin is a complicated mix of pink murple and nylon (for the strings).

“It’s exhausting to cast a figure from steel or to shape it from murple and put the parts all together: but I feel good when I’m done: I feel myself accomplished”.

Lately, after joining a MA (Master of Arts) Sichun is shifting his interests from realistic subjects to more conceptual ones. The main work of this new feeling is a sculpture representing a wave formed by the constant repetition of five different patterns (40 x 40cm.) aligned over and over in order to make the audience aware of how repetitional patterns are present in our daily life.

“I was influenced by the famous “Big Wave off Kanagawa” of Katsuhika Hokusai (1820s).”.

Sichun has just completed a semester at the University of Huddersfield near Manchester, UK, where he has experienced the use of computer graphic to produce his latest work. This installation, of 2010, is a group of columns, projected through a new technology, and made of cardboard, colorful threads and pictures of the capitals of a church in York, UK.

“The environment I live in is fundamental for my art: I am very much influenced by it and it feeds my creativity. I would not be able to make art without a real experience”.

Today Sichun is planning to move to New York and he looks forward to making new experiences for his art and to meeting with new differents artists from around the world.

Milan 02/18/11