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Eilan Choo 주 영란 朱英蘭, paintings from the heart

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Eilan Choo is a paintress who lived in Korea and Japan. Although visual arts have always attracted her attention, it is only recently, that she could follow her passion for painting:
“Since I was very young, I have always been interested in the different forms of art, but while I was living in Asia, I was never able to develop my passion”. She tells me.
Today she’s attending the second year of a three year course at Brera’s Academy of Arts, located in Milan, Italy, a center of culture and a point of reference for many Asian artists.
“I am learning several painting styles and techniques as well, but I’m still looking for my own style”.
While I’m interviewing her, she strongly stresses the fact that art must rise from the bottom of the heart and it should not developed from a cold technical expertise.
“I haven’t understood yet why we (the students) must learn so many painting techniques; I mean that pure art should come from the bottom of your heart, from your inner feelings: if we agree this, techniques just fade into background”.
The striking thing that impresses me about this promising paintress is the depth of the feelings that bind her to art.
Eilean loves painting. She also tells me how she has always wanted to express herself through her paintings:
“My feelings, the history of my life and the experience I have made so far, create my art and at the same time they are part of myslef”.
Then she adds: “I truly believe in destiny and I believe that I was fated to be doing this”.
The latest paintings of Eilan are made in oil paints on canvas. The colour is spread by fingers and not by a brush. She explains why:
“One day, thinking of my life and my love for art I cried and looking at my tears I suddenly realized that the shape of my tears would have become the pattern my paintings”.
A painting of her, entitled “From Life” (2010), in the picture above, is the perfect example of her story: the fingermarks of her inprint themselves rithmically on canvas, drawing traces that look exactly like a fall of colorful tears.
The shade of colours enriches the work giving me a peaceful feeling.
Even though Eilan has attended the school of arts for just a couple of years, she’s participating in a group exposition in a gallery located downtown Milan, Corso Garibaldi, where three of her works are displayed.
About her future, Eilan plans to move to Paris where she would like to meet artists and new influences to enhance her art.

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