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Books from Asia: a landmark shop for collectors and globetrotters

In the beautiful city of Parma, Italy, there is an amazing source for travelers and scholars: Libri dall’Asia – Books from Asia, a unique bookstore full of thousands of rare titles about every country of this wonderful area named Asia, that attracts thousands of clients from all over the world.

The owner, Mr. Mario, is a traveler and all over his life, has been in many countries driven by his passion for collecting travel diaries and rare edition forgotten in some dusty library.
If you have the chance to visit Parma, in downtown near the spectacular Teatro Regio, in via Nazario Sauro 21, there you will find this precious shop for travel addicts. The amazing collection of Mario counts over 6000 volumes related to arts, religion, novels, history and many other topics.
Most of the editions are in European languages, however you will find also some titles in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu and other languages.

Experience a visit in this hidden bookstore that will make you dream of places thousands miles away!

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Bunraku Manuscript

japanese puppets theatre japanese puppets theatre piece japanese puppets theatre piece

This manuscript, dated 1845, is a work from Bunraku (文楽), or Japanese puppet theatre, founded in Osaka in 1684, traditionally performed by a storyteller and a player of shamisen. This manuscript reports the notes of the storyteller in red ink, written in order to personalize the play of the opera.

I found it in Osaka.